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Jun 14, 2011

Global Wind Day! June 15

Tomorrow is Global Wind Day! 

TREC and TREC Education would love for you to honor the day by taking some time to discover more about the power of wind energy, the ways we can harness it and the renewable energy movement.

Here is what the Global Wind Day website had to say,

“Thousands of individuals are involved in the production of energy from the wind, but for many people, wind energy is a mystery. Global Wind Day is the day when you can visit wind farms, meet experts, attend events and find out everything you want to know about wind energy.”

On June 15th, 2011 thousands of public events will be happening all over the world in support of wind energy.

CanWEA will be hosting their second annual Global Wind Day event near Fort Erie, Ontario. To find out more go to:

For specific event location info go to:[dummy]=showDetailstx_smfgwdlocator_pi1[mode]=detailsView&tx_smfgwdlocator_pi1[uid]=986

You can also take a further look around our website or visit TREC Education to check out online resources for children.

To learn more about other worldwide events, head over to

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