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Jun 24, 2011

Become a Friend of Wind!

Canada’s wind energy industry took another step forward in 2010 with the addition of 690 MW of installed wind energy capacity. Our current installed capacity is 4,588 MW –enough to power over 1.2 million homes with clean, emissions-free energy – is comprised of 2,570 wind turbines operating at 131 wind farms. Wind energy has increased almost ten-fold in the last six years in Canada as governments seek ways to meet rising energy demand, reduce environmental impacts of electricity generation, and stimulate rural and industrial economic development.

The vast majority of Canadians support wind energy for its environmental and social benefits. Now there is a place where supporters can share their stories or learn more about wind: log on to the Friends of Wind website today.

The site gives interested individuals the chance to “join the conversation” about our energy future. It offers a variety of tools friends of wind can use to show their support for wind energy – helping to give the often-silent majority a strong voice.

By logging on you can:

-  Tell your MPP/MLA that clean and renewable energy is important to you! Show your support for wind energy by submitting a letter to your provincial representative. It only takes a few seconds to make a difference.  Click here to get started.

-  Submit your own story! Help populate the Friends of Wind blog by sharing your stories about how wind energy positively impacts you and your community. If you are curious about wind energy, this is a great place to start a conversation. Take a look at what wind energy supporters are already saying and join the conversation.

The Friends of Wind website can be viewed at the following link

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