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Jul 27, 2011


Save the Toronto Environment Office and Urban Agriculture Program!

Demand that the City’s Environmental Services and Programs are Not Reduced, Compromised, or Eliminated!


Toronto citizens are asked to contact their Councillors and urge them to act!

We need 23 Councillors to vote against any plans to cut environmental services.


Between today and September 26th.


It's easy!

Call your local Councillor directly, click here to find out who your local representative is.


Sign the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) online petition.


A recently published Toronto Service Review, conducted by KPMG and funded by the city of Toronto, proposed cutting the Toronto Environment Office and Urban Agriculture Program (among other services) in order to reduce the city’s projected deficit.  

As a result of the report release, deputations were held at city hall on July 21st, where 110 citizens presented to the Parks and Environment Committee in defence of the city’s environmental services.  On September 19th the Mayor’s Executive Committee will review the plan, which will then go to City Council on September 26th for a final vote.

As our next step to protecting these vital services, we are reaching out to the community to contact Councillors and urge them to vote against the proposed cuts. Let your representatives know the importance of these services in promoting Toronto’s vitality as a successful city; to eliminate them is not only extremely short-sighted but also a giant misstep towards achieving any type of environmental sustainability in our city.

Add your voice to the call for a clean, green, and vibrant future in Toronto. 

“The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

-- Edmund Burke

For more information, contact the TEA office ore visit

**Please forward widely.**

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