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Apr 10, 2012

TREC’s Community Power Toolkit Series launched

In our on-going effort to share experiences, build capacity and foster dialogue about the community power model, TREC is working on a series of free resources that will support our growing sector for increasing project success around the province and beyond.  While a number of tools and products are already available through our TREC Services team, we are working hard on refinement and enhancement as well as adding new items to the series. Watch this space for monthly updates.

In anticipation of the FIT 2.0 announcement, we decided to focus our attention on partnerships this month. Please see the next news entry for a link to this month’s feature tool: Community-Commercial Partnership. 

Considerations for Community-Commercial Partnership

We believe the only way we will have wide-spread renewables success in this province is through partnership.  TREC’s accomplishments have largely been realized through the support of our partners.  Whether a joint venture partnership with Toronto Hydro on our WindShare turbine at Exhibition Place, to supplier partners AGT and UniSolar on our SolarShare installations, or the many relationships that have seen our education programs blossom to reach 20-30,000 people every year, we rely on mutually beneficial relationships.

But not all partnerships are created equal and its important to consider what the parties need and want, and can offer each other.  We explore what a good partnership looks like in this month’s Community Power Toolkit Series. Please follow this link:

For other tools and services please visit:

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