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Helping you harness the power of your community to finance a vibrant future
Community Bonds can help you leverage your social capital to raise funds from your network of supporters, while building your dreams, and making positive change happen in your community!

Non-profits, charities, co-ops and social entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking innovative ways to finance social ventures – from purchasing or upgrading a building, to developing a social enterprise, or building a renewable energy project.

If you’re ready to grow your social venture, but you’ve been having difficulties accessing traditional sources of funding, Community Bonds can be a great tool to help you “bridge the gap” to get to the next crucial stage of growth.

And, for a social venture, growth means success for your business AND a positive impact on the greater community.

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Join us for a free 45-minute info webinar about the benefits of a Community Bond, how it works, and considerations for planning a Community Bond Campaign.

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  • TREC adds experience and expertise at every project phase
  • Our team will provide a clear assessment of the fit to your situation, forecast the resource demands and provide cost estimates
  • Our Community Member & Investment Service will automate the back-end to provide full investor support through to maturity of the bond.

Community Investor Management Services

Our team has worked with CSI, ZooShare, SolarShare and other successful enterprises, to help them raise funds from their networks, and we’d like to help you do the same.

Here are some organizations TREC has helped with their Community Bond raises

Centre for Social Innovation
In 2010, CSI in Toronto raised $2 million in Community Bonds to buy and renovate a building in Toronto, dedicated to co-working space to foster positive social change. They did it again in 2015 with their second building purchase, raising an additional $4 million Several classes of Bonds were created to appeal to a variety of investors.
ZooShare is building a biogas plant at the Toronto Zoo, which will generate electricity for the grid and compost they plan to sell under their “Zoo Poo” brand. They raised over $1.1 million in Community Bonds ranging from a 5-7% annual return for a 7-year term.
Centre for Social Innovation
Pillar Non-Profit Network raised $1 million in Community Bonds to renovate a building in London, to house their “Innovation Works” collaborative working space. 5-year bonds were offered at a 3% annual return.

Our team has worked with many successful social enterprises to help them raise funds from their networks, and we'd like to help you do the same

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