TREC Renewable
Energy Co-operative


Photo Credit: Yvonne Bambrick

Project Description

TREC initiated the wind turbine project on Toronto’s waterfront and in partnership with Toronto Hydro built the first urban-based commercial scale wind turbine in North America and the first large-scale wind energy co-operative in Canada.

Located at the Exhibition Place, the turbine was erected in December 2002 and started generating power in January 2003. It was built by a Dutch company, Lagerwey Windmaster B.V, and is the first of its kind in North America. The turbine stands thirty stories tall and has the capacity to power up to 250 homes. Electricity from the wind yields no emissions and no waste.  Visit the WindShare website for more details.


This unit is a 660 kW, direct drive, model LW 52 wind turbine located at the west end of Exhibition Place. The wind turbine is 94 metres high (i.e. almost 30 stories) and weighs approximately 121,000 kilograms. Each of its three blades measure 24 metres in length and rotate at approximately 27 rpm, or 11 metres per second. It cost approximately $1.6 million to develop.

More than 400 Ontarians are investors and shared owners in the Windshare turbine.

Benefits - the wind turbine at the Exhibition Place will

  • Reducing green house gas emissions to mitigate against climate change – the project displaces up to 494 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, 8300 Kg of sulphur dioxide and 2460 Kg of nitrous oxide.
  • Generating almost 1 million kilowatt hours of CLEAN ENERGY per year, equivalent to the electricity needs of 250 households
  • Providing tools, templates and other services to assist other groups with their community wind co-op
  • Spawning the creation of TREC’s renewable energy education program including tours and excursions, workshops, festivals and fairs and a green collar career program – see TREC Education

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