TREC Renewable
Energy Co-operative

Project Description

Building on the experience from the WindShare co-operative's Exhibition Place wind turbine project, TREC has proposed a 20-megawatt (MW) wind farm project called Lakewind, located near the Town of Bervie, just east of Kincardine, Ontario. Pending approval through Ontario Feed-in-Tarriff program, the Lakewind project will be one of the largest co-operatively owned wind power projects in Canada. 


The project will consist of 10 wind turbines standing 108 metres high, with each of their blades measuring 41 meters in length. TREC has incorporated Lakewind Power Co-operative Inc. to develop and own the project through bonds and equity shares for members looking to invest in local wind energy projects. These securities will be registered through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and, as a result of the Feed-In Tariff program, will offer competitive rates at a low risk to investors.


  • Reducing green house gas emissions to mitigate against climate change – the project will displace up to 14,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide annually
  • Generating an average of 50,000 megawatt hours of CLEAN ENERGY per year, equivalent to the electricity needs of over 13,000 homes
  • Supporting long term job creation and economic prosperity in Ontario by using local labour and hardware
  • Offering a viable long-term investment with above average returns
  • Keeping profits in Ontario
  • Providing tools, templates and other services to assist other groups with their community wind co-op
  • Encouraging further dialogue and opportunities for renewable energy education

As our second wind project evolves, TREC is in a position to assist other community groups with the pursuit of their wind energy co-operatives in Ontario. We are developing the necessary tools, templates and other resources needed to undertake a community wind project.  Ask us about how we can help!


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