We need your help to build more renewable energy in Ontario!

The Ontario government is seeking public input to help direct their next Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), building on previous plans developed in 2010 and 2013. This 2017 version will set the Province’s policy framework out to 2037 and will become the basis for our future energy investments.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, let’s make sure that the government hears strong support for the transition to a 100% renewable energy future, with a mandate to unlock more opportunities for community investment and participation.

We hope you’ll help us to share this important message. Public consultations begin next Tuesday October 25 in Toronto (5-8pm at the downtown YMCA), followed by sessions across the province

Key Messages

Here are some key points we encourage you to share in person at the upcoming public consultations:

  • Ontario’s leadership on phasing out coal and increasing energy from renewable sources is something to be proud of – let’s keep up the momentum and work towards a 100% renewable energy supply for Ontario.
  • Ontarians are rightly concerned about rising electricity prices. Ontario’s commitment to refurbishing our aging fleet of nuclear reactors means electricity from nuclear will increase by 180% in the next 10 years!  There is a better way – renewables are competitive today and costs are continuing to plummet. let’s save costs by investing in more renewable energy instead of nuclear.
  • Opportunities for community ownership and participation in renewable energy have brought many benefits to Ontario, including increased economic activity, more jobs, better grid reliability, and enhanced public support – let’s encourage more community participation by continuing the Feed In Tariff program for qualified community organizations.
  • While we’ve made strides in greening our electrical supply, there is more to energy than electricity. The majority of our heating and transportation is still powered by fossil fuels like natural gas, gasoline and diesel – let’s replace fossil fuels with renewable sources by encouraging home and building energy conservation, adoption of electric vehicles, and investing in green public transit and proven green heating technologies.


TREC has joined a group of ENGOs to call for Ontario to join the global movement toward 100% renewable energy.
Learn more about what a 100% renewable transition will look like for Ontario, and why it’s 100% achievable.

We encourage you to use this messaging in preparing your LTEP submission.
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