Call for Candidates: Communications & Marketing Committee

TREC: Your Partner in Community Power

TREC is a non-profit social enterprise committed to advancing the community owned renewable energy movement in Canada. We envision a world where people work together, pooling their resources, to realize and benefit from a democratic, 100% renewable energy economy. To support that vision, our Community Member & Investment Services supports co-ops, Indigenous communities and social enterprises in their quest to fund, develop and maintain renewable energy, community-focused and low carbon solutions to climate change. Through our research and advocacy efforts, we provide an authoritative voice on the measurable benefits of democratically owned renewable energy projects as a resource to the public and policy makers.

In your role as TREC committee member, you will join a team of creative, talented and dedicated volunteers who support TREC programming and play a strong role in the strategic development of TREC’s Marketing and Communications plan, and in guiding communications activities to support TREC’s programs and services.

Role of the Communications & Marketing Committee

TREC’s strategic plan has emphasized the importance of Marketing and Communications, both to promote and position TREC as a leading provider of “Community Power” research, programs and services; and to outreach about the important role of community participation in green energy projects.

We are seeking guidance from the Communications & Marketing Committee to:

  • Oversee the development and implementation of TREC’s Communications Plan and priorities
  • Provide direction in tying TREC’s marketing efforts to its business development goals
  • Review and assess marketing materials (content, branding and design)
  • Assist with planning special campaigns, outreach initiatives, events, etc.
  • Represent TREC to the community and the media
  • Engage new partnerships, and recruit new committee members as needed

People We Need

TREC values diversity and inclusion and our goal is to diversify the perspectives on our committees, and gain expertise to support inclusive outreach efforts and strategic business development. We are seeking candidates with expertise in:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communications and Outreach
  • Social Enterprise Business Development


  • Consistent attendance at monthly committee meetings;
  • Participate on sub-committees as needed (e.g. special campaign, event, etc.);
  • Support partnership building;
  • Act as an ambassador for the organization in your community;
  • Preparation in advance for committee meetings including review of materials provided;
  • Three-year term with the possibility of re-election;
  • Willing to participate on a voluntary basis.

Time Commitment

  • Monthly Committee Meeting: 1 hour/month
  • Meeting Preparation: 1 hour/month
  • Ad-hoc campaign work: variable (2-3 hours/month max)
  • Available to Staff for advice (email/phone/in-person): 1-2 hours/month


To express your interest and for more information please send us an e-mail: Please indicate how your skills and experiences can help us achieve our goals and attach your CV. We will review all applications and follow-up to schedule a conversation with those we deem to be a good fit.

Our Programs

  • Community Member & Investment Services – Since 2011, our services team has been providing essential financial administration, community securities management and record-keeping services to co-ops and social enterprises so they can focus on raising community capital to change the world for the better.
  • TREC Research and Government Relations – TREC conducts original research to better understand the issues affecting communities that are building renewable energy, and how changes to policy can lead us towards a more resilient and thriving economy. Our most recent report “The Power of Community” outlines the environmental, social, and economic benefits of locally owned and operated renewable power, with real data from Ontarians and Ontario-based projects.
  • Project Incubation – TREC has created these organizations that support our mandate:
    • SolarShare is Canada’s leading renewable energy co-operative. SolarShare develops PV renewable energy systems across Ontario, and residents and businesses are invited to invest in these projects and earn up to 6% interest.
    • TREC Education is a charitable organization, which delivers renewable energy education programs in classrooms and at community events across Ontario – creating systemic change for a greener future and fostering the next generation of renewable energy leaders.
    • WindShare is an innovative wind power co-operative, and joint partner in Canada’s premier urban wind turbine located at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario.
    • The Federation of Community Power Co-operatives (FCPC) is a province-wide umbrella organization for community power co-ops developing renewable energy projects. The FCPC unites, represents and serves the community power co-op community across the province.

History of TREC

When TREC was incorporated 18 years ago, our focus was to build community-owned renewable energy projects. As the Community Power sector has grown and evolved across Ontario, so to has TREC’s mandate. Our mission remains strongly rooted in Community Power, but in addition to incubating projects, TREC has become a vital support and advocate of the sector, providing research, resources and our Community Member and Investment Services to co-ops and other social purpose organizations raising community capital. Since 1998, TREC has founded WindShare, TREC Education, SolarShare and the Federation of Community Power Coops (FCPC) – all are now stand-alone organizations with their own mandates, but TREC continues to share resources and provide support. As we move into the next phase of growth, TREC remains committed to our mission, vision and values, building on our strengths and our reputation as a leader in the Community Power.