Reports & Research

TREC conducts original research to better understand the issues effecting communities that are building renewable energy, and how changes to policy can lead us towards a more resilient and thriving economy.

The Power of Community

With the Feed-in Tariff program under the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act, community participation of renewables in Ontario has increased dramatically since 2010. This report outlines the environmental, social, and economic benefits of locally owned and operated renewable power, with real data from Ontarians and Ontario-based projects.

Accelerating Renewable Energy Co-ops in Canada

Accelerating Renewable Energy Co-operatives in Canada

There is a momentum building in communities across Canada for renewable energy co-ops. Climate change strategies at federal, provincial/territorial and municipal level can be strengthened by recognizing this demand and responding with supportive policy and project development mechanisms described above. This report, commissioned by Co-ops and Mutuals Canada, outlines the current state of community energy co-ops in Canada, financial and policy tools that can support a successful co-op, and policy recommendations for governments to keep the co-op momentum in Canada growing.

First Nations Electricity Report

Meaningful community participation in the energy sector requires knowledge, insight and understanding of essential energy issues. The Chiefs of Ontario, in partnership with TREC, have prepared this innovative energy literacy report to inform, assist and inspire First Nations communities in navigating the complexities of the energy sector as it relates to First Nations, and recognizing the potential for energy systems to build strong, resilient, self-reliant communities.

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