TREC Renewable
Energy Co-operative

Member Management Service

Managing member information and tracking securities can be a incredibly resource-intensive process for co-ops. Using our Community Power Investment Management platform (CPIM), TREC can take on your co-op's back-end member management responsibilities and provide the following services:

Client Profiles

When a prospective client is ready to purchase shares, an individual profile will be created centralizing the investor’s contact, personal and future share information. Upon receipt of proper documentation and payment CPIM will ensure that the prospect receives a New Membership Package with a membership certificate, receipt and an explanation of their rights and responsibilities as an investor according to your project.

Securities Purchasing

CPIM will ensure eligibility of investors and enable them to commit to share purchasing at the amount and price dictated by your unique legal and financial situation. If desired, CPIM will also handle the movement of money into and out of ESCROW at the time of project commission. Upon receiving and validating payment, CPIM will issue an investment certificate to the member upon your request.

Tracking and Trading

Our platform will enable both investors and project managers to track the progress and status of shares. Recording a history of transactions between you and the shareholder makes it easy to avoid misinformation at year-end or during dividend payout.


CPIM will calculate and issue returns to your investors according to your investment structure and the financial decisions made by your organization and issue T5 statements as appropriate. This return system can be used for dividend returns, redeeming shares, or investment return upon project cancellation. We will also report environmental returns such as CO2 offset and amount of kWh produced.

For more information please contact James Law by e-mail at james (at) or by phone at (416) 977-5093 x2350.


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