TREC Renewable
Energy Co-operative

TREC Community Investor & Member Service (CIMS)

TREC is a leader in the community bond/share administration sector, establishing Canada’s first community investor management service to partner with our clients in turning social capital in financial capital.

Community Investor and Member Service (CIMS) provides co-ops and non-profits securities transfer processing, security holder record-keeping and a point of contact for member/investor inquiries. We currently service 75% of co-ops and non-profits actively offering community bonds/shares, administering over $20MM in debt/equity issue. 

With the support of CIMS, community bond leaders like the Centre for Social Innovation and SolarShare Co-op continue to provide communities and opportunity to invest in projects that make a difference.

Securities processing

  • Investor and member record-keeping
  • High volume transaction processing and receipt issuance
  • Interest/dividend processing and payment
  • Tax voucher processing, delivery and filing
  • Reporting packages and analytical lists

Corporate Actions

  • Redemptions, recalls and conversions
  • Retractions associated with offering statement or exemption violations

Corporate Trust

  • Experience working with debt trusteeship, escrow and limited partnerships

Current clients

TREC is happy to support the following non-profits and co-operatives in their efforts to build projects that return triple-bottom line benefits to their communities:


Centre for Social Innovation
Community Energy Development Co-op
Green Timiskiming




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