TREC Renewable
Energy Co-operative

Capacity Building Tools and Workshops

TREC's capacity-building templates, tools and workshops are designed for groups who have the internal capacity to self-organise, self-educate and move forward with their projects. TREC’s capacity building services help groups overcome very common, but challenging barriers and reduce the typical legal and consultant costs incurred in getting your co-op and project started. This includes templates for leases, legal agreements, business plans and financial models. TREC also offers workshops run by one of our staff to help you use our templates to their full potential. 

Below is a list of our tools and workshops:

Topic  Template  Workshop 
Co-op By-laws and
Article of Incorporation
Option to Lease  
Roof Lease  
Land Lease  
Financial Model  
Offering Statement
Share/Bond Purchase
Construction Contract
Trust Agreement
Assignment Agreement
OM&M Contract

Community Solar Projects Toolkit

TREC is also proud to provide support for local community solar initiatives. The following checklist provides tips, guides and links that can help you make informed choices in developing a solar initiative in your neighbourhood. Please click on the links below.

  1. Solar Power Technology and Examples of Community Solar Projects
  2. Designing your Community Initiative
  3. Assessing your Potential: OurPower
  4. Financing your Initiative
  5. Getting your Equipment


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